18 Jul 2022
19 Jun 2022

Assessment of the level of training of sex workers in Chisinau (capital of the Republic of Moldova) in Community Mobilization, including involvement in HIV control measures

AFI with the financial and technical support of UNAIDS Moldova conducted the study "Assessment of the level of training of sex workers in Chisinau...

14 Apr 2022

A pilot implementation study to scale-up methadone in incarcerated persons with opioid use disorder and retain them on treatment after release in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe that have methadone programs in prisons. Nonetheless, continuity of care and...

10 Feb 2022

Importance of authority’s involvement in tuberculosis care during COVID-19 pandemic

One of the most significant issues caused by COVID-19 pandemic is the disruption of health-related services. The impact of national policies and im...

7 Jan 2022

"Covid-19’s Devastating Effect on Tuberculosis Care — A Path to Recovery"

The new article in the New England Journal of Medicine discusses the devastating effects of COVID-19 on Tuberculosis care. Madhukar Pai, M.D., Ph.D...

10 Dec 2021

First National Conference on Human Rights in TB - 10 December 2021

10 December is proclaimed by the UN General Assembly as the International Day for the Observance of Human Rights, in context, it is also an opportu...

26 Nov 2021

Multi-level implementation factors influencing the expansion of methadone maintenance treatment in prisons in Moldova: A qualitative study

People who use drugs are over-represented in prisons across Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where criminal justice systems...

10 Nov 2021

Homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic, disease should not be a sentence!

People experiencing homelessness are at increased risk of developing severe forms of COVID-19. Lack of housing and decent living conditions affects...

31 Oct 2021

People with TB during the COVID-19 pandemic

2021 WHO Global Tuberculosis Report communicate that the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the availability of services for people with TB...

28 Jun 2020

Video Observed Treatment for Tuberculosis – an innovative solution scaled at the national level

In 2015 we’ve started experimenting with an innovative approach in the treatment of tuberculosis aiming to increase patient comfort, given the resu...

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